Sensory Kids is a Multi – Sensory Developmental Play Area that offers:

Group Sessions which involve music and rhyme, sensory experiences and early developmental movement. Group sessions are organised by age and promote peer to peer learning.

One to one Sessions are specialised programmes that are made to primarily focus on the child and how to benefit the child’s development.

Parent Support at Sensory Kids is a support service for parents of children with learning and physical disabilities, behavioural difficulties and/or sensory impairment.

Training Sessions are provided for schools, nurseries or voluntary organisations who wish to further their knowledge on children with disabilities and parents.

Schools and Nurseries are able to request group sessions within their setting to help provide sensory learning.

Our Equipment:

Our equipment includes:
• Interactive Bubble Column
• Acrylic Mirrors
• Solar LED Projector
• Fibre Optic Side Glow
• Sparkle Light Source
• Parabeam Colour Pinspot
• Sound Sensitive Chaos
• Sensory Den
• Circular Perception Mirror
• Multi-Purpose Sensory Mat
• Visual Perception Play Mat
• LED UV Light Panel and torch
• Lumiglow Wall
• Ripple UV Mat
• Magic Scarves
• Weighty Shakey
• Peanut Balls
• Disco Ball
• UV Carpet